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In 2017 we achieved our goal of saving over 60 billion gallons of fresh water.
We avoided 33 Million metric tons of GHG emissions and the numbers are growing.
Recycle hosted and participated in more then 9000 charitable events around the globe.
We saved 100 million trees by recycling old paper products and cardboard.

Businesses We Serve

When it comes to medical waste disposal for hospitals, EZ Green Waste ensures that safe & compliant pickups are necessary. Hospitals generate more hazardous waste and medical byproducts than any other business in the healthcare industry.
Surgery Centers
You likely already have a policy in place for handling medical waste internally, but the disposal process can be problematic.
Funeral Homes
Since Funeral homes deal with human beings that have passed on for many different reasons, they have stringent regulations and requirements that a healthcare facility or any company that produces medical waste.
When you’re running a busy veterinary office, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of regulations you must comply with when it comes to medical waste.
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Regulated Medical Waste
Controlled Substance Program
Sharps Management
Pathological/Chemo Waste
Hazardous Waste
Pharmaceutical Waste

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Better Recycling


Paper & Cardboard 76%
Medical Waste 70%
Industrial Scrap Metal 35%
Glass Bottles 55%

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