Unique Designs
At Dirty Jerzey Offroad, we go crazy with our out-of-the-box designs. Our passion for extreme motorsports is reflected in our vibrant yet uniquely designed merchandize.
Quality Products
Just like our passion for motorsports, our products are made of 100% quality material. From t-shirts to sweatshirts, we put a great deal of thought and effort in producing our products.
We are not a typical business. At Dirty Jerzey Offroad, we are in this business out of love and passion. We are looking to build and grow a community of people who share the same spirit.

About Us

Founded out of love and passion for clothing designs based on extreme motor sports, Dirty Jerzey Offroad is one of a kind brand. Driven by our love for trucks, jeeps and high-speed vehicles, we design the most attractive and vibrant merchandize. At DJO, we intend to form a strong community based on friendship, mutual respect and a shared passion for motor sports.

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Our Mission

Our mission to build and support the Jersey Offroad through our passion and style. We intend to always get dirty and have endless fun!

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Who We

We are a community of friends, fans, and enthusiasts who have come together as one through our passion and love for Jersey Offroad. Our passion for offroading burns deep inside and can only be satiated by living life to its fullest. We celebrate our shared passion and love for offroading and motorsports by creating the most vibrant designs. Our high-quality shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers are designed with love – a love we share as a community.


Thousands of satisfied clients

Testimonial by Jane Paul.
“The designs and quality of the merchandize from Dirty Jerzey was exceptional – totally exceeded by expectations as they weren’t expensive at all. I came here to buy a cap and ended up making friends with fellow motorsports enthusiasts.”
Jane Paul.
Testimonial by Gale Larson.
“Absolutely fantastic – the designs, fabric and above all the customer services. The love for motorsports and trucks is visible in their work and design. Would definitely buy from them again.”
Gale Larson.
Testimonial by Kenneth Hales.
“It is hard to find vendors who are both skilled and passionate about they do. With Dirty Jerzey Offroad, I was surprised to see them so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. I think I have found new friends.”
Kenneth Hales.
Testimonial by Greg Jeffords .
“I would highly recommend Dirty Jerzey Offroad to all my friends who are in love with cars and trucks. Their designs are just out of the world. Amazing stuff.”
Greg Jeffords .
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